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Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Vinyl Restoration Services Sydney

We’re professional vinyl or linoleum (lino) floor restorers, whether in your home or commercial property in Sydney. We do this by deep cleaning, stripping, then sealing and polishing the floors, getting them back as close as possible to their original condition.

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Lino and vinyl floors are durable but still need care

Lino and vinyl are a type of plastic flooring with many good qualities. Their availability in a wide range of colours and designs means there’s a style to suit any home or commercial premises. Their durability means they’re a good choice for areas with lots of foot traffic (e.g. foyers, hospitals, laundries, kitchens and hallways).

Nevertheless, you still need to take care of the surface from the very beginning when the floor is installed. Foot traffic can erode the seal over time, making floors dull, matte and more difficult to get clean and shiny again.

Commercial Vinyl Tile and Floor Cleaners in Sydney

We specialise in cleaning, stripping and sealing all types of vinyl and lino, whether in a commercial laundry or in the kitchen in your home in Sydney, Australia. Our services include:

  • Vinyl/lino cleaning
  • Vinyl/lino stripping
  • Vinyl/lino sealing

Our quality equipment is used in both large commercial jobs as well as in all types of residential floor restoration work.

Our process

When you call us, we’ll discuss your project, give you a quote and arrange a time to complete the restoration work. As part of our process we will:

  • Arrive on time and use quality equipment and non-toxic cleaning products to deep clean and remove any built up dirt or stains from the lino/vinyl. Our cleaning products are safe for areas used by children and pets.
  • Strip the existing seal and replace on those parts of the lino/vinyl where the surface is damaged dull and stained. This will not only restore your floors as close as possible to their original condition, but will protect the floors over the longer term.
  • Advise that the floor can take 2–4 hours for the seal to dry and fully cure.

When should you have your lino or vinyl floors sealed?

All types of vinyl and linoleum can be sealed. It’s best to give us a call and we can quickly let you know which sealer will be best for your floors Sydney.

Lino/vinyl floors usually require a gloss sealing finish. A topical sealer works well, giving lino vinyl floors a fresh, rich, glossy look.

If your lino or vinyl is becoming stained and regular cleaning isn’t working, the sealer may be breaking down and will no longer be effective at protecting your floor. Our Sydney professional vinyl Cleaner and lino stripping and sealing process involves professionally removing the old sealer then resealing your floor.

Vinyl Cleaner / Linoleum Floor Vinyl Cleaning Sydney

A professional clean, seal stripping, seal and polish will give your flooring a facelift as well as help to avoid a costly floor replacement. By following our recommended floor-maintenance tips after the sealer is applied, you will add years to the life of the floor.

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We can help you with Vinyl Floor Cleaning Sydney for all types of flooring (tiled, lino/vinyl, wooden), inside or outside, in homes or commercial properties Sydney.  Contact our team today on 0401 252 578 for more information or a quote, or email us at You can also send us your details using our online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.

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