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Damaged and dirty grout brings down the look and feel of a room. Give your tiled areas a facelift with a professional regrout.
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We’re experienced in regrouting all types of tiles and stone in Sydney. We’re confident our Sydney regrouting service will reinvigorate your surfaces.

Grout can deteriorate over time

The grout between your kitchen, bathroom or office tiles is probably not as clean as you think. Every time you clean your tiles using supermarket products and a mop and bucket, you push water and dirt further into the grout. Grout is porous, and over time it absorbs dirty mop water, food and drink spills, and cooking oils. These substances start to make the grout look unpleasant and unhygienic as it will change colour (even going black).

Signs your tiles need regrouting

  • Grout is mouldy/mildewed, and grout cleaning and resealing doesn’t fix the problem
  • Grout is stained, crumbling, cracked or missing
  • Tiles have come loose or have dislodged completely

Tile Regrouting, Outdoor Tile & Grout Repair Sydney

Why you should have your tile grout replaced by a professional regrout specialist Sydney

You don’t have to live or work around tiles with missing, cracked or dirty grout that doesn’t come clean, no matter how often it is cleaned or how hard the grout is scrubbed.

A professional regrout specialist Sydney will have them looking new again. Don’t go to the time and expense of replacing floor or wall tiles before calling us for a professional review of your tiled surfaces and a quote to regrout.

We’re confident we can make the grout on problem floors and other surfaces hygienic and clean again. It’s a cost effective way of giving a new life to your existing floor, especially when the tiles are still in good condition, and it’s just the grout that is the problem.

Our approach to regrouting

When you call us for regrouting services in Sydney, we’ll discuss the work you need, give you a quote, then arrange to come to your premises to measure up and complete the job as soon as we can. As part of our approach, we will:

  • check if the damaged grout has caused further damage. For example, water can run into wooden wall frames and floors if leaks in kitchens and bathrooms aren’t found and repaired. If we find evidence of a leak, we’ll recommend you have a professional review and repair the problem before we regrout your tiles. This will prevent longer-term damage and a damp, mouldy room.
  • be careful to use the right equipment for the type of tile we are regrouting, to avoid damaging the surface of the tile when the old grout is removed
  • clean the area once we finish the regrouting, and do a full seal if necessary

Regrouting Shower Tile and Walls Sydney

Grout needs maintaining

After a professional regrout, clean or seal, your tiles and grout will be looking in excellent condition again. To keep the fresh look for as long as possible, you’ll need to keep them clean. Regular sweeping of dirt and grit from tiled and stone floors, and washing both floors and walls with a damp cloth really helps minimise stains and scratches to maintain these surfaces at their best.

So looking for services like outdoor tile and grout cleaners and specialist then we are here. Our expert team takes care of regrouting shower walls, repair outdoor tile and grout in areas around Sydney.

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