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If the seal on your tiles has worn or is patchy and wearing away, call us for help. As tile and stone-cleaning and sealing experts, we know how to strip off the old tile seal safely to get the best long-term results for your tiles.
Tile Seal Stripping
Tile & Grout Seal Stripping Before/After

Specialist training

Our specialist team are trained and experienced in using the right products and equipment to reinvigorate and protect tiles. We’ve worked for home owners, business owners and at large commercial sites in Sydney.

We can do a one-off service or regularly maintain commercial floors as part of a floor-stripping program with required maintenance dates.

Signs a floor needs to be stripped

General wear and tear on your tiles can cause the seal to fail over time. Signs that the seal may no longer be working are:

  • Tiles start to stain easily; they become discoloured and blotchy
  • Dull-looking tiles
  • Oxidised finish – a white, powdery residue
  • Scratched or scuffed tiles
  • Burns caused by chemicals or alcohol (e.g. hand sanitiser)

Stained tile grout that doesn’t come clean even after a professional tile clean can be stripped to bring back its colour and look its most hygienic again. If the tile is damaged, we can advise a different service, such as honing or grinding.

Don’t risk permanent damage to your tiles

If your tiles are showing any of the signs above, contact Tile Clean Royale Sydney. We’re professionals in assessing the seal on all types of tiles. We can strip and reseal any type of tile in homes or commercial properties. We can work on tiles that are inside or outside, on floors or walls.

Don’t go to the time and expense of replacing your tiles before calling us for a professional review and a quote to strip and seal them. We’re confident that we can do a good job in removing old and damaged tile seals and resealing them to achieve the look you want,whether it may be a gloss, matte or satin finish.

Why you should work with a professional

Tile and grout-seal stripping is best done by an experienced professional,using the right equipment and products. We follow a proven process, whichprevents damage tothe tile surface when we remove the old sealer, and ensures the best results overall.

Our process

When you call us to quote, we’ll discuss your needs, and arrange a time to come to your home or commercial property to measure up and complete the job. As part of our approach we will:

  • Remove the old seal using a stripper to break it down. This may take some time, depending on the type of sealer and how many layers of sealant were originally applied to the tiles.
  • Clean and dry the tiles in preparation for a new sealer

After sealing it can take 2-4 hours for the new seal to dry and fully cure.

We’re confident that we can do a great job in removing old, worn and damaged tile seals and resealing them.

The results

Tile and grout-seal stripping can restore your tiles to a great condition and help to avoid a costly replacement. The correct floor seal and a proper maintenance program will add years to the life of the floor. We can help you with tile and grout seal stripping for any kind of tiles in homes or commercial properties in Sydney, Australia.

Contact us for a quote

We can help you with tile and grout-seal stripping for any kind of tiles, inside or outside, in homes or commercial properties in Sydney, Australia. Contact our team today on 0401 252 578 for more information or a quote, or email us at You can also send us your details using our online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.

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