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We’re experienced professionals in tile and grout cleaning in Sydney, no matter how big or small the job is, whether in homes or commercial properties. This means we have the best services and products to keep all types of tiles looking clean and in their best possible condition for as long as possible.
Grout Cleaning Sydney
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Tiles are an investment that need looking after

Your tiles and grout are probably not as clean as you think. Cleaning with a mop and bucket using products you can buy from a supermarket will at best clean them superficially. Over time, this just isn’t enough to preserve your tiles and grout, and keep them looking great.

Tiled and stone floors are typically used in high-traffic areas, such as foyers, passageways in homes and offices, as well as outdoor areas.

At home, your tiles get a workout from your kids, pets, spilled food and drinks, and general wear and tear, whether from being walked across or getting damp and soapy every day in the shower.

Outside, the weather can take its toll; tiles are exposed to the elements causing all sorts of stains, scratches and dirt to be embedded in the tiles and grout.

Commercial premises have a large number of people and deliveries moving through them everyday, and this constant traffic can cause damage and the buildup of contamination. Restaurants and bars, in particular, can look unhygienic and even lose business if their tiled floors are dirty (including the tiles in their bathrooms).

Tiles and grout can deteriorate over time

Daily wear and tear causes a buildup of dirt, scratches and stains on tiles. Over time, the tile surface may fade and become damaged, or the sealer may become less effective from wear and tear. This creates the perfect environment for bacteria and dirt to thrive. Standard mopping doesn’t provide a thorough-enough clean. The mop just moves the dirt and oily liquids around and pushes it in and around the tile and grout.

Tile grout is porous and absorbs dirty mop water, food and drink spills. These substances start to make the grout look unpleasant, as it will change colour (even going black).

Mouldy grout in bathroom tiles can become especially problematic if left, as it can spread from the bottom of the shower to entire walls. Soaps and shampoo contain acids that can discolour your tiles too. If not treated this could become a health hazard.

Why you should have your tiles and grout professionally cleaned

  • You don’t have to live or work with tiles that always look dirty, no matter how often they are cleaned or how hard they are scrubbed. A professional tile clean will have them looking new again. Don’t go to the time and expense of replacing your tiles. Call us first and we will give you a professional review of the condition of your tiles and grout, and quote to clean them. We’re confident that we can do a good job, and make problem floors hygienic and clean again. 3 Totness Ct, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia

Our approach to tile and grout cleaning

When you call us, we’ll discuss your needs, give you a quote and arrange a time to measure up and complete the job. As part of our approach we will:

  • Be careful to use the right product and cleaning method for the type of tile we are cleaning, to avoid damaging the surface
  • Ensure our trained team use quality equipment and non-toxic cleaning products to deep clean your tiles and remove the built-up dirt, rather than just move it around. Our cleaning products are safe in areas used by children and pets.
  • Use commercial vacuum cleaners, so no residue or water is left behind. Once we have cleaned your tiles and grout you’ll be able to walk on them straight away. Choose Grout Cleaners Sydney for best cleaning services in Sydney.

Contact us for a quote

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