Super natural ways to clean Tiles and Grouts

Home is a place where you come to seek relaxation and peace. However, the untidy tiles and floor may become an obstacle to your happiness. The tiles accumulate loose soil, junk, rust and a layer of dirt takes place upon the surface, snatching away the old shine. It does not only snatch the shine of the tiles but your shine and pride too. So it is time to restore back your lost pride to the floors. Let’s check on the best and natural ways to get your tiles clean, and restore back the shine as good as new.

natural ways to clean Tiles and Grouts

Baking Powder And Soda Clean All Of It

Baking soda is proficient to remove all the watermarks from your tiles with a little effort. Take a sponge and dip it into pure baking soda, then take the sponge and scrub through all the surfaces. And experience magic after a few minutes when all the watermarks, dust and rust will be gone. Rinse thoroughly with hot water after that.

Vinegar Is Also Very Efficient

Vinegar is a very potent natural cleaner. It is really versatile and effective. The acidic nature helps to remove all the obstacles from the surface. Take 300ml vinegar and mix it with 300ml water in a spray bottle. Once mixed, spray it all over the tiles and grouts. Then wait for 10 minutes and then take a scrubber and scrub it off. You will experience all the dirt is gone. Tile cleaning has never been so easy.

Lemon Juice And Its Citric Acid

Lemon juice is an all-time favourite. It enhances the beauty of the tile in no time with its acidic nature. It is super able to skin blemish and stain lightening. Like vinegar, fresh lemon juice can get all your stains away in no time.

Scrub Salt To Remove The Stains

Salt kills mould by dehydration process. You can rub the surface with a pinch of salt and with the dehydration process; all the stains will be gone in a few moments.

Hydrogen Peroxide Is A Dangerous Cleaner
When everything else fails to whiten the grout lines and the surface, there comes Hydrogen peroxide to the rescue. Mix Hydrogen peroxide with flour and create a thick paste. Apply this upon grouts and wrap a plastic over it. Leave it for a night and in the next morning when you remove the paste, witness your all new floor shining hard.

Steam Application Method
Steam is extremely efficient to uproot the dirt and rust from the surface. For this one, it is better to call professional as they can perform this with advances equipment and much more efficiency.

All the DIY methods are extremely helpful, however, in our fast-paced life, it takes out a lot of time and effort to get the restoration back of the old shine. So bank upon the proficient tile cleaners from Tile Clean Royal to make your life extremely easy, and make your floor shine like new.

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