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We’re experts at restoring the shine to your stone surfaces

If you have stone surfaces in your commercial premises or in your home, we can help. We can restore and polish all types of dense stones, such as marble, granite, concrete and travertine, whether they’re indoor or outdoor.

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Call us for help to restore stone surfaces that are scratched, fading or stained. You don’t have to live with or work around unattractive and dirty-looking surfaces, neither do you needto replace your natural stone due to wear and tear.

We can give your home and office a wonderful new look by restoring your stone surfaces back to their best. We’ll give them the shine you are after, whether you’re looking for a low sheen finish or a sophisticated mirrored look.

We’re also here to advise you on how to maintain your surfaces after we’ve finished polishing. We’ll let you know the best products to keep your stone looking its natural best.

Marble Polishing Services Sydney

Specialist training

Our stone polishing & marble polishing team are trained and experienced in using the right products and equipment to reinvigorate and protect natural stone surfaces. We’ve worked for home owners, business owners and at large commercial sites in Sydney. We save property owners time and money by restore flooring that has lost its natural beauty.

The signs your stone surfaces need a professional polish

All natural stone needs some maintenance to help prevent damage caused by general wear and tear. It can easily scratch, especially in areas that have high traffic. Signs that your stone floors need a professional polish are:

  • fading colour
  • dull-looking stone
  • obvious scratches or scuffs
  • the loss of a previously mirrored look

The good news is that, unlike other types of flooring (e.g. carpet, vinyl or wood flooring), stone surfaces can be restored to their former beauty with a professional polish.

Polished Black Marble FloorPolished Black Marble
Polished Black Marble Floor

Don’t risk permanent damage to your stone surfaces

Give us a call if your stone is showing any of the signs above. We’re professionals in Stone, Tile and Marble cleaning, polishing and maintaining all types of stone, marble and tiles. We know that different types of stone have their own unique characteristics, and we therefore use the most appropriate method for the type of stone to get the best results.

We’ll restore and polish stone, whether it’s inside or outside, on the floors or walls.

Stone Grinding Sydney

Don’t go to the time and expense of replacing your stone surfaces, when you could call us to give you a professional review of the condition of your stone surfaces and a quote to polish and restore them.

Why you should work with a professional

Sydney Stone polishing is best performed by an experienced professional Cleaners and Polisher using the right equipment and products. We use a proven process to prevent damage to the surface, and ensure the best overall results.

We’re experienced in restoring and maintaining all types of stone surfaces in Sydney, including:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Concrete
  • Limestone
  • Terrazzo

Marble and Stone Polishing Contractor Sydney

While we can assist in restoring all types of stone, marble and concrete, stone restoration is our specialty.

Marble is a popular choice for adding a level of elegance to a property, from kitchen bench tops, grand bathrooms, impressive entranceways to office foyers. Marble’s natural beauty needs looking after due to the density of the stone.

Polished Black marble shower wallPolished Black marble shower wall
Polished Black marble shower wall

Concrete is increasingly popular as a flooring choice for modern homes, due to its unique sleek, industrial look; it’s cool in summer and easy to keep clean. Over time, however, concrete needs professional cleaning and polishing to remove scratches and stains that regular cleans can’t remove.

Our Sydney specialist marble and concrete-polishing service using our up-to-date equipment will restore these surfaces where foot traffic or spills have caused dullness, scratches or stains — we’ll even remove the finest scratches that are not yet visible. As a result, the entire floor will reflect light, and there’ll be no more dull patches.

Our specialised polishing process for marble, concrete and all types of natural stone surfaces

When you call us, we will discuss your needs, give you a quote, and arrange a convenient time to come to your home in Sydney. As part of our process we will:

  • Ensure our trained team use top-quality equipment to do a great job with a one-off clean.
  • Polish and restore stone surfaces, such as granite, marble or concrete, that might be worn, scratched, stained or faded from the passage of time and wear and tear. Polishing will give your surfaces a smooth finish with an elegant shine.

We can also do regular cleans and re-sealing required for matte/honed-finish stone surfaces. This will give different results to polishing and will retain the matte finish of the stone.

Polished MarblePolished Marble Foyer
Polished Marble Foyer

The results

Professional stone polishing ensures scratches and light stains are removed and the stone is restored to its best possible condition. All the effects of wear and tear will be gone, giving you a fantastic new look for your existing stone surfaces without the time, mess and expense of replacing them. When your marble floor, granite flooring needs restoring, polishing or repairing then look no further and stone polishing services Sydney. Tile Clean Royale Sydney’s most reputable and trusted marble polishing company.

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