High Pressure Cleaning Sydney

High Pressure Cleaning Sydney

Give your home or commercial property a facelift using our professional high-pressure cleaning services

Pressure cleaning is a safe, fast and effective way to clean many different outdoor surfaces. It’s cost effective and can get rid of stains, dirt, mud, moss from surfaces such as concrete, brick, pavers, timber and all natural stones. It’s not only a fast way to get your home, commercial property or business exterior looking clean again, it’s also very thorough.

We’re careful with tiles and grout


High pressure washing involves a process that’s best done by a professional. All of our high pressure cleaners are well trained and experienced in pressure washing services in Sydney, Australia. This means we know how to identify different types of surfaces and we understand how best to clean them.

We appreciate that each job is unique. Before we start any pressure-cleaning work, we take our time to assess the type and condition of the surface to be cleaned, work out what stains there are and how to remove them safely to return the surface to its best possible condition. We’ll also be careful with surrounding areas (e.g. grass, garden beds) to make sure they aren’t damaged during the pressure wash.

Our Sydney pressure wash cleaning service is great for getting pavements, patios, pathways, pool decks and driveways free of long-term dirt build up and oil stains. It’s also an effective way to remove slippery mould and moss from outdoor pavers, natural stone and all entertaining areas.

High Pressure Cleaning SydneyPressure Washers Sydney
Sandstone Clean & Seal Before

We don’t just hose your tiles clean

Given their busy lives, many people simply don’t have the time to do a regular deep clean of their tiles, grout, driveways and other paved areas. Products available in the supermarket or hardware store do a surface clean but aren’t great at removing the long-term build up of oil stains, dirt, spills, mould or mildew in outdoor areas in Sydney.

Even a high pressure wash alone isn’t going to get the stains out or stop the problem recurring.

That’s why we use a combination of cleaning solutions, scrubbing and pressure washing to remove and prevent even the most stubborn mould and dirt stains, getting your surface back to its best possible condition. Our high-quality equipment will ensure your surfaces aren’t damaged, and our non-toxic cleaning products are safe for areas used by pets and children.

Pressure washers get consistently great results, both commercially and in residential properties. The high-pressure stream of water pushes away dirt and gets into those places that an ordinary mop or sponge just can’t reach to clean them thoroughly.

Limestone Clean & Seal Leaf Marks AfterLimestone Clean & Seal Leaf Marks Before
Limestone Clean & Seal Leaf Marks After/Before

High Pressure Cleaning & Washing Services in Sydney

Our process

We follow our proven, high pressure tile and grout washing process to get the best results. We use a combination of non-toxic cleaning solutions, manual cleaning and high-pressure washing using high-quality equipment.

When you call high pressure washers Sydney, we’ll discuss the work you want done, give you a quote, arrange a time to come out and measure up, and look to complete the job on the same day. As part of our process, we will:

  • Confirm all the work to be carried out, as well as the costs and then complete the job that day
  • Identify the type of tile or stone, and assess the surface and types of stains that need removing
  • Ensure the area to be cleaned is cleared of furniture or other items (where possible)
  • Apply a specialised cleaning solution to start the removal of dirt/stains/mould
  • Manually scrub the surface to loosen and agitate built-up grime to remove dirt and stains
  • Finish with high-pressure cleaning to give great results

High Pressure Cleaning by Expert Cleaners in Sydney

High Pressure Cleaning by Expert Cleaners in SydneyHigh Pressure Cleaning in Sydney

Get in touch with our experienced team of pressure cleaners and washers for your tiles and enjoy the services! We are Sydney based and provide pressure washing services all around in Sydney.

We can help you with pressure cleaning services for any kind of tiles, inside or outside, in homes or commercial properties in Sydney. Contact our team today on 0401 252 578 for more information or a quote, or email us at . You can also send us your details using our online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.

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