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Efflorescence Removal/Treatment Sydney

Effective and safe removal of efflorescence

Have you noticed white crystallised salt deposits on the grout and/or surface of your tiles? This is a sign efflorescence is starting to build up.

Efflorescence Removal Services
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As soon as you start to notice this happening, it’s best to remove the efflorescence. The longer it is left, the more complex the removal and treatment can become.

Specialist efflorescence removal

Contact us for a professional treatment of efflorescence. We’re available to come to your home, office or commercial premises to get your tiled surfaces back to their best.

We’ll also advise you on the latest techniques and products to maintain your surfaces after the efflorescence is removed. This way you’ll keep your stone and tiled areas looking their natural best.

We’ve helped a number of property owners by restoring their efflorescence-affected surfaces back to a finish they are proud of.

Efflorescence – a problem that can get worse if not treated

If efflorescence is left untreated, it can build up in the grout and on the tile surface. When this happens, both the grout and tiles can be permanently damaged.

When efflorescence appears, it’s best to get a professional in. You will save time and money, because our team are trained and experienced in working out what’s causing the problem and, where possible, we’ll advise on how to stop it happening again.

We’ll look for what factors might be triggering the soluble salts to move from the grout to the surface, including investigating if there are cracks in the grout joints,which can make efflorescence build up even more. If water goes below the grout through cracks, it will escape back up through the grout causing salt build up.

Don’t risk permanent damage to your tiled or stone surfaces

Give us a call if your tiles or stone start showing thin white lines that appear along the edges of grout joints, as these are initial signs of efflorescence.

By working out the possible causes of the efflorescence problem (e.g. water and humidity), we can treat it, however mild or serious it is.

We take every care with your surfaces by using our specialised products and equipment to get them looking great again.

Our specialised efflorescence-removal process

We follow a proven process to avoid damaging your tiles or stone, and to ensure the best results overall.

When you call us, we’ll discuss the work you want done, give you a quote, arrange a time to come out to your premises and measure up, and look to complete the job on the same day. As part of our process, we will:

  • Identify the type of tile or stone, and assess the surface and level of efflorescence that needs removing
  • Ensure the area to be cleaned is cleared of furniture or other items (where possible)
  • Scrub or grind off the larger deposits
  • Apply a specialised cleaning solution to start the removal of the efflorescence and allow time for it to work
  • Finish the process with high-pressure cleaning

The results

There will be no more efflorescence on your surfaces, which will be clean and free from unsightly salt stains. Our process and equipment is designed to minimise and prevent the return of efflorescence. Nevertheless, due to the nature and many possible causes of efflorescence, we can’t guarantee the efflorescence won’t come back.

Contact us for a quote

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